We are a young family of three living in the southern Mallee region of Victoria, Australia. Our goal is to build a regenerative homestead and farm using permaculture principles. This website will share our journey with you.

Evan Young

My permaculture journey began with a PDC in 2009 taught by Geoff Lawton and Bill Mollison. I was “terminal” as they say and quickly signed up for more learning opportunities in 2010 including short courses on Keyline Design and Holistic Management and 10-week internship at Zaytuna farm with Geoff Lawton.  Upon completing the internship Geoff offered me a job living on the farm and working with the cows, goats, chickens and ducks for a year.

Working at Zaytuna solidified three things for me, I loved working with animals, I had no desire to live in a large city ever again and the humid, sub-tropics is not a climate I do well in. So I moved to lovely, cold, Woodend, Victoria to be near Taranaki Farm so that I could volunteer my time there and continue learning.

My first job in Woodend was at bio-dynamic vineyard working on the vines.  This was a great opportunity but I preferred working with animals than plants. Eventually I was offered a farm hand position living and working at Taranaki Farm. My time there taught me a lot and further instilled a passion for regenerative agriculture.

Did I mention that the whole time all this was happening I was playing bass and touring across Australia, Europe and the USA with The Go Set? Jill and I met at one of my gigs at the end of 2014 and immediately fell in love.  A year later we were engaged and we were married in November 2016. Our son William was born in May 2017 and we moved to our homestead the following July.

I have learned so much over the last 8 years and look forward to putting more and more of these ideas into practice. I hope that we can help you by sharing our journey with you as it develops.

Jill Young

Maybe I”m a dreamer but I have this un-tamable eye for seeing the potential beauty in everything……

I grew up with an inherent love for the outdoors. I just couldn’t get enough of it, everything from mountain biking to fishing or just plain bush bashing around with my brothers and sisters.

I spent my early years growing up in the beautiful, untamed wilderness of Northern Ontario, Canada. It was here that nature made the deepest impressions on me . I lived in the wild, rugged and mysterious forests. Down the road from us was a spectacular set of water falls and further up the road a couple more kilometres was untouched, pristine beaches of the worlds purest, fresh water lake. I spent years of my life sitting on the shores questioning lifes purpose and wondering what was my part in it all? How I was going to find my purpose?

I set out on the journey of a lifetime… the journey of my lifetime . I was in search of my purpose and well, along the way I found myself and so much more. When I came to Australia in 2010 I was only 19. Once again nature had found a way under my skin sinking her roots deep into my soul, taking my breath away and leaving me awe inspired and lost for words.

In 2012 I spent some time back in Canada deciding where I wanted to be . I found myself quickly enrolled at uni for film making. I always had a clear vision in my head of how things “should be” or “should look”. It became very clear to me very quick that the school setting was not for me . I loved my film course but I felt a deep yearning in my heart and soul that my life and purpose was back in Australia .

I’ll never forget the feeling of finally coming home. I cried as we flew over the land . It was such an emotional shift internally for me . One way or another I ended up in Woodend . I had never even heard of the word permaculture until I met Evan. When I observed his interaction with nature and the high intelligence he applied to working on the land I felt a puzzle piece inside me click into place. There was a definite moment where it all came together for me. I finally found what I had set out in search of years ago. More deeply than words could describe I knew that this was only the beginning of our journey together.

After years of dark depression I felt the warmth of sun on my skin and in my heart. I knew this was the end of one chapter and the beginning of something completely new and euphoric. A journey pushing the creative boundaries on how we interact with nature. A journey to healing ourselves through healing the land.